Monday Morning Coffee – The Psychology of Water

Yes . . . there IS a psychology of water and bugs and Electricity and plants and just about anything you can see, smell, feel, hear, taste . . . When we want to know how something works or why it behaves as it behaves because it’s not working as WE would like, we might […]

Monday Morning Coffee (Tuesday Morning Edition) – Scare Yourself in October

Welcome to October! We are officially in our final quarter of 2013. Many folks will report that business has been GOOD this year. Even so, there’s still a fair amount trepidation when considering the future. News of a “Government Shut-down” swirls around the media world, and we all wonder how that might affect us, our […]

When developing a Niche . . . You gain FREEDOM

Do you homework first! Step 1 DEFINE your Niche Take a look at the volume of sales for ¬†each of the past two 12 month periods relative to the total number of houses or condos in the area of choice. If you see a 15-20% Turnover in a 12 month period, proceed to Step 2. […]

Mailbox Money

I think pretty much EVERYONE would like a regular flow of Mailbox Money. What is Mailbox Money? It’s money that shows up in your mailbox (or bank account) due to little (if any) effort expended my you. Generally speaking, there must be SOMETHING done to initiate the flow of this money, but once it begins […]

No Competition!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had NO competition? In that world, your phone would ring and provide you with a consistent flow of good, quality leads. These leads would be people who are JUST like the people with whom you most enjoy working. These new customers and clients would respect your time and boundaries […]