Dear John . . .

We’ve been together through tough times and have had our ups and our downs. We have laughed and played and argued and WORKED so hard to reach that goal we set at the beginning of our relationship. Sadly, I feel I have let you down. I’m not as much in love with you now as […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Heat is ON!

Good Morning! We are almost at mid-year! Today is 1/2 Christmas πŸ™‚ About to enter the 3rd Quarter . . . “Summer Break” is @ 1/2 over . . . and the temperature outside this week will exceed 95 degrees most days This is a great time to assess how things are going in 2012 […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Statistical Truth

Did you know that 93.4 % of all statistics quoted are made up? Yep! Most Stats are fictitious amalgamations, interpolations, surmises, and contrived opinions of relative Truth. The remaining 6.6% of statistics probably aren’t any more truthful, but I made up those percentages, so I guess it doesn’t really matter πŸ™‚ Sure! The person quoting […]

2145 Blake Drive – Stanford Village – Nashville, TN 37013

    Cute little bungalow replica with loads of updates and professional landscaping—plus it backs up to a breathtaking greenway! Lots of hardwood, fabulous cathedral ceilings designer colors—you’ll love this home! MLS information at this link Contact Fran Patton 615-513-0003 Β The pictures say the rest πŸ™‚                 […]

5048 Lakeview Lane – Oak Hill – Radnor Lake – Nashville, TN 37220

Lakeview is a quiet little street that deadends into the Radnor Lake property. It’s on the “Back side” away from all the noise πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I get the opportunity to list a house for sale that REALLY excites me . . . and because I’m a Nature lover, 5048 Lakeview is a REAL winner. When […]