Bringing the Community TOGETHER!

If you are excited about all that’s happening in Middle Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood – Davidson and surrounding Counties), THIS conference is tailor-made with YOU in mind. The location is where we believe Community Movers and Shakers SHOULD be coming together . . . at a Natural HUB for the community . . . A Public […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Your list of things to do

Are you a “List Person?” One of those people who: “If it’s not on the list, it won’t get done . . .?“ Everything MUST be on the list The list MUST be orderly, and the goal for the day/week is to check off everything on the list. Most “List People” get a LOT of […]

The “HUB” of every community

In every community on the planet, there are learning centers. These centers come in myriad shapes and sizes Day-cares Pre-schools Elementary, Middle, and High schools (Public and Private) Colleges and Universities (Public and Private) Vocational Schools (Public and Private) The potential impact on the community for each of these Learning Centers is directly proportional to […]

Is your Database the Lifeblood of your business? (or not)

Talk to just about any Business Coach or Sales trainer and ask her about effective Lead generation and odds are (after all of the social media mumbo-jumbo) “Database” will surface. Yet, I’m pretty certain there are a bunch of folks out there doing a reasonable amount of business WITHOUT a “working Database” through the use […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Riding this wave of Transformation

Good Morning! My Father Harrison Owen wrote a book published in October of 2010 entitled¬†Wave Rider:¬†Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World The link is to the page where you’ll find a couple of great reviews summarizing many of his ideas. The primary premise being one that “Everything is self-organizing” . . […]