Monday Morning Coffee – Valentines Day – State of the market

How’s that for an eclectic title? Ah well . . . It IS Valentines Day, my favorite time of the year because Deb I married the day before Valentines Day (12 years ago) so we get to celebrate writ LARGE. Generally, this means for us an escape from it all for a night, and Deb […]

The Family is growing – Another Baby . . .

The Pareto family is growing. Pareto Realty, LLC came into the world September 15, 2010 and is healthy, well adjusted and has a very happy disposition. Apparently, the gestation period for Pareto offspring is @ 19 weeks because yesterday a sibling was born . . . Pareto Reserve entered the world kicking and screaming and […]

Why should you specialize?

Good afternoon! I guess it can be a bit counter-intuitive . . . You want more business, so you think you should expose your brand to more people and perhaps expand the reach of your business by being more of a generalist . . . THE REALTOR for ALL people . . . but . […]

Why work with a Specialist?

I’d venture to say that regardless of what it is that you want, there is a specialist for that. “There’s an app for that!” The Thing you want is clear in your mind, and you have myriad choices of ways to get that thing . . . We’ll call this thing the PRODUCT (a House?). […]

How to “do it ALL”?

Often, I find myself talking to someone who is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of STUFF to do. There’s Work to be done IN your business (Servicing Clients) There’s work to be done ON your business (Marketing, Lead Generation, Paperwork, Training) There’s work to be done IN your house (Spending quality time with Family) There’s […]