What are the odds that “Marketing” will build your business?

How many marketing messages do you think the average American see EVERY DAY? Have you ever considered this? I googled it . . . Here’s what I found: “The average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day.” Consumer Reports Website WOW! Humor me and try this little experiment. Pause your reading of this […]

Are you still alive?

That might be a question I would have of a family member who I haven’t heard from in a while. In my Family (Which is a very eclectic mix from Episcopalian including a Bishop Grandfather and Priest Father . . . to Catholic where we currently go to church . . . and a whole […]

A new baby is born in Nashville

Hoping you’ve had a fantastic week . . .   Pareto Realty is here now . . .  In Nashville.   This isn’t just any ole new Real Estate Company . . .   Pareto Realty is the manifestation of a very clear vision.   Home for “The Vital Few” . . .   Our […]

The cost of Loyalty may be higher than you think!

What’s loyalty cost? I believe there are two sides of the loyalty cost coin. The cost of our loyalty to others . . . or companies or products and the flip side The cost associated with KEEPING the loyalty of others. Seth Godin wrote a great blog post today and got me thinking. He said: […]