As we wait for the right time . . . Monday Morning Coffee

Greetings from Barry! For several years, I published a “Monday Morning Coffee” each and every Monday . . . and then it ceased. Why did it cease? I’m not sure I know the answer, but I am sure that it was a good thing that perished because of the “Opportunity Cost” of taking the time […]

Weathering the calm – Monday Morning Coffee

When the going is tough, the tough get going. Those who wait until the weather gets rough before getting going have a high probability of becoming victims. It’s what we do with our “down time” and our “smooth flow” that separates the “Tough who prevail” and the “victims who need saviors”. When times are calm […]

It’s time to polish – Fit and Finish 2017

For those of us who are FANTASTIC “Starters”, we sometimes need a nudge or 2 to push us to FINISH! Yep! It’s WAY more fun to start new adventures than to do the drudgery of completing all of the intricate details required to complete the project with all the luster it deserves. While you may […]

R E S P E C T – Monday Morning Coffee

Can you COMMAND respect? When I was in the Army, I witnessed some officers who COMMANDED the respect of “their subordinates” while others respected the soldiers under their command and earned the respect of the soldiers who serve WITH them. I always considered the former to be bullies and the latter to be LEADERS. I […]

The Final Countdown – Monday Morning Coffee!

Are you feeling the heat? As we slide into the 2nd week of December, we are suddenly realizing that we have a mere 24 days remaining in 2015. Odds are decent that most of us are focused on “Finishing” what we started 341 days ago. We’re assessing how we did, and we’re thinking about how […]