Dear John . . .

We’ve been together through tough times and have had our ups and our downs. We have laughed and played and argued and WORKED so hard to reach that goal we set at the beginning of our relationship. Sadly, I feel I have let you down. I’m not as much in love with you now as […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Human “Apps”

I’m an “App!” You’re an “App!” Everyone’s an “App App!” We’re ALL “Apps!” So . . . What’s an “App?” (Stay with me here – There’s a lot of ‘splainin’ to do before I get to the REAL point :-)) From WIKI: “Application software, also called an App, is¬†computer software¬†designed to help the user to […]

The Evolution of a “Rental Market”

Middle Tennessee Residential Property Management Consortium You’re invited – Wednesday January 4, 2011 @ 10 AM Location TBD based on number of RSVPs What it’s about: I think it can be argued that what’s here in the way of a “Market” has always been here. What changes over time is the “Products and Services” in […]