Within walking distance . . .

NOWHERE is too far to walk if you have the time. Everywhere you need to be, then, is within walking distance. If this is true, aren’t there plenty of prospects for your business within walking distance of your home or office? Do you really need a car? There now! I just saved you several thousand […]

TOP SECRET Information about how to make your phone ring

If you want your phone to ring more, make more calls. Energy begets energy. That upon which you focus, EXPANDS. so . . . Just making more calls WILL result in receiving more calls, right? so . . . The next question: “Are the calls you’re making generating the RIGHT incoming calls?” Are these incoming […]

When developing a Niche . . . You gain FREEDOM

Do you homework first! Step 1 DEFINE your Niche Take a look at the volume of sales for ¬†each of the past two 12 month periods relative to the total number of houses or condos in the area of choice. If you see a 15-20% Turnover in a 12 month period, proceed to Step 2. […]

Home Buyers DO still have options – even in a HOT SELLER’S MARKET

Now that the Real Estate Market in many areas of Middle Tennessee has made a quick swing from “Glut of available inventory” to “NONE,” I’m seeing some Home Sellers gloating and prancing around on their “High Horses” . . . Of course, they’ve earned it because they’ve been the underdogs for the past several years. […]

Would you like more leads?

As a Real Estate Sales Professional, I receive myriad “cold calls” from VERY convincing sounding folks peddling “guarantees” of gobs of LEADS for my business. I suspect that this phenomenon isn’t unique to my industry. Likely, most every industry has its own rendition of companies and consultants “selling” lead flow. The justification of buying these […]