The BIG WHY – There are so few houses on the market in Nashville

It’s a veritable PERFECT STORM! If you are looking for a house to buy anywhere in Middle Tennessee, odds are decent that you are frustrated and disappointed with the meager selection. Don’t blame your REALTOR . . . It’s not OUR fault (this time). We are doing EVERYTHING in our power to bring more houses […]

Shifting Market Mentality

This is for all those folks out there who think they’ve got a good mental grasp on the housing market . . . You’re playing mind-games with yourself. Just when you think you’ve got it, something shifts. New regulations show up . . . All the builders suddenly shift their focus to another part of […]

Buyer says: “I think I’ll wait til Spring.”

REALLY? OK – So I’m going to spew out some stream of consciousness thinking along the line of reasons NOT to wait til Spring in our Middle Tennessee market. Don’t expect any statistical data supporting my monologue . . . This is all “crystal ball” Inventory is starting to shrink in many areas . . […]