Remarkable Food, Information, & Comraderie 11/10

Good morning! Inviting you to Pareto Realty’s 3rd “Lunch and Learn”. We offer these events mostly on Wednesdays and invite Real Estate Professionals from all over Middle TN regardless of their company affiliation (These events are NOT about Pareto). Be sure RSVP because the seating is limited to 30. These events are ALWAYS free – […]

Business gets a LOT easier when . . .

WHEW! I’ve heard a LOT of frustration out there with pesky little details like uncertainty of the process and/or rules . . . Unpredictability of the flow of transactions through the lending process . . . Lack of communication throughout the process ostensibly because there’s nothing to report. Crazy times . . . When things […]

Does Zero Down Still Exist?

How certain are you of what lending options are available these days? With the options and rules changing almost daily, I rely heavily on the knowledge of a few Mortgage Professionals. Got me thinking . . . I’ll bet there are other REALTORS out there with the same kinds of questions. So . . . […]