Cornering your very own market

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to “corner” your very own market? You’d be the GOTO Person for anyone and everyone wanting to buy or sell a house in that market. Other REALTORS, business owners, and media would call you for your specialized expertise. You’d be FAMOUS! This isn’t such a far-fetched idea for those who intentionally […]

Mortgage Market Up-date – L & L – THIS Wednesday

Happy 1st day of March. I think it’s about time we kick this SPRING market into gear. Inviting you to some fantastic “Learning Opportunities” this month. There are ZERO strings attached – No recruiting pitches – no sales pitches – We are coordinating these events for no other reason than to bring Real Estate Professionals […]

Why should you specialize?

Good afternoon! I guess it can be a bit counter-intuitive . . . You want more business, so you think you should expose your brand to more people and perhaps expand the reach of your business by being more of a generalist . . . THE REALTOR for ALL people . . . but . […]

Helping you with your calendar for Wed 2/2/11

Good ,Morning and welcome to February!   No lengthy email today – Just an invitation for 2 events tomorrow – Wed 2/2   Lunch & Learn – 11:30 – Free – @ Famous Dave’s 7086 Bakers Bridge in Cool Springs – Some seats still available – Risks & Rewards of Property Management— Learn how you […]

Go-Givers Unite – (Manage your Texting addiction)

Seth Godin opened a can of worms this morning that I believe merits being open . . . That is . . . For anyone interested in find a healthy Life Rhythm . . . and having a life full of rich and fulfilling relationships. His message is as simple as the title Texting While […]