Monday Morning Coffee – Statistical Truth

Did you know that 93.4 % of all statistics quoted are made up? Yep! Most Stats are fictitious amalgamations, interpolations, surmises, and contrived opinions of relative Truth. The remaining 6.6% of statistics probably aren’t any more truthful, but I made up those percentages, so I guess it doesn’t really matter 🙂 Sure! The person quoting […]

What you do in the next 60 days will define your 2012

In the real estate industry, we pay very close attention to the statistics. I’m certain that virtually everyone else out in there in every other industry does the same (whether they want to admit it or not). Most folks profess a dislike for statistics, but acknowledge that stats certainly ARE useful as a way of […]

Monday Morning Coffee – A Dose of Home Sales Statistics Truth Serum

If you don’t like the statistics you’re hearing, change the channel . . . You’ll find wildly different stats and analysis while you surf. Before polluting your mind with statistics that aren’t necessarily relevant to YOUR house and/or decision to sell a house, consider the following. Most folks are hearing the “National Media Experts” talking […]

Monday Morning Coffee – When “WHERE” Matters!

In the mid 1980s, my Father Harrison Owen stumbled upon (discovered) a cool Organizational Transformation “methodology” (new school of thought) around the notion that everything is self-organizing. He called it Open Space Technology and has (for 25+ years now) been very intentional about the simplicity of the concept . . . That it really isn’t  […]