Monday Morning Coffee – Statistical Truth

Did you know that 93.4 % of all statistics quoted are made up? Yep! Most Stats are fictitious amalgamations, interpolations, surmises, and contrived opinions of relative Truth. The remaining 6.6% of statistics probably aren’t any more truthful, but I made up those percentages, so I guess it doesn’t really matter 🙂 Sure! The person quoting […]

Why “Discipline” might be JUST what you need to “Break through” to success

If you read this to the bottom (no skipping ahead allowed), you’re going to learn one very mechanically simple (but potentially mentally complex) little way to BLOW THE DOORS off your ability to perform at a higher level than you can possibly imagine . . . and it all boils down to your understanding of […]

When is “Local” REALLY LOCAL?

Perception is not always reality. Take, for example, your “Local Real Estate Professional” . . . The myth (Perception) is that they’re all the same . . . That just because they call themselves a “Local Real Estate Expert” (SURELY they wouldn’t fib about this?) they KNOW the local market – the ins and outs […]