Why wait?

I wonder how many houses are “available” . . . but not on the market. WHY would a house be “available” . . . but not on the market? What’s the point? Is it some kind of fancy-schmancie voodoo reverse psychological mystique? Playing hard to get? Is the Seller “Timing the market?” “We’ll keep it […]

“Pricing” Simplified!

We’re in a market in which pricing a house RIGHT can be very enigmatic. NAILING a price happens by gut instinct more often than we care to admit. The more anal retentive amongst us are hell bent on finding sufficient “Comparable Sales,” hyper analyzing current inventory and market conditions, and peering into crystal balls. In […]

Actually SELLING the house (instead of just “Listing it for sale”)

There’s a HUGE difference between “Listing a House” and “SELLING a House,” and clearly some REALTORS are better than most others on that “SELLING” part. The listing part is fun, but doesn’t do a lot of good for anyone involved if it doesn’t SELL . . . SO . . . We’re having a session […]