Monday Morning Coffee – Weeding the Garden

If you want a good crop of vegetables from your garden, Weeding is necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if gardening was as easy as turning the soil of a swatch in your back yard, sowing a variety of seeds, and turning on the sprinkler every morning for 30 minutes? That’s fantasy thinking because without a […]

Choosing Chaos?

Is it the adrenaline RUSH? Do you get a pathological cheap thrill from reeling out of control? Speed and Busyness often create a mess and seldom yield reliable goal achievement. Are you PROUD of your lack of discipline? Why label yourself as one of those people who CAN’T . . . ? So often, I […]

These days it’s ALL about “What Matters”

“What MATTERS” = “Your 20%” = “Your Vital Few” All the rest is the “Trivial Many.” This first time heard anyone use the words “What Matters” was @ 4 years ago. I was watching Gary Keller¬†giving a talk about his “Quantum Leap” (Life Balance) program. He very matter-of-factly said (not an exact quote): “It ALL […]

Knowing when to hold’m (say YES) and when to fold’m (say NO)

Figure this one out, and you’ll have one of the golden keys to liberating yourself and others. Both “YES” and “NO” are very powerful words which, if used appropriately, are the main instruments of choice. When you say “Yes,” to what are you saying “NO?” Same with “No” – When you say it, what’s the […]

Yet another reason to live today like there’ll be no tomorrow . . .

It’s so cliche. Do you know how much more time you have to live on this earth? When’s the last time you thought such deep and mysterious thoughts? When you die . . . what do want on your epitaph? Are these morbid questions, or are they worth asking once in a while because we […]