The Perils of Instant Gratification Lead Generation

If you are lead generating for NOW sales, you’re likely in deep tapioca. In fact, you might be better off using those marketing dollars in lottery ticket purchases. Don’t get confused with the idea that leads = income. Leads are Leads. Leads are people who have made it known to the world (by clicking a […]

Don’t forget how you got here

Do you remember when you were a “newbie?” The ink was still wet on your brand new License to sell, and you were (likely with some serious trepidation) on the precipice taking that last step into the unknown. You interview a few Principal Brokers and make your choice . . . There’s a flurry of […]

Answer these 21 questions to to build a great business

Your Personal Lead Generation Strategy   If everything could be happy happy joy joy, what would your business look like? Who would you serve? Where would you be selling houses? How much money would you like to be making each month/year? Who do you know now? Who would you like to know? Who are your […]

Your Personal Lead Generation Strategy – Do you have one?

No business can thrive without ample “leads.” Business coaches and sales managers HAMMER their sales forces to “Lead Generate” relentlessly with the possible mindset that volume takes care of everything. This becomes a numbers game . . . How many leads will we have to “generate” to score a customer . . . and how […]

If you’re not doing these 2 things you are not in business

Every business owner MUST build a business that does THESE 2 things well: Lead Generate Lead Convert If you are a sole proprietor, YOU are responsible for doing these 2 things well enough to create the income necessary to stay in business. The secret to success is to engage appropriate LEVERAGE to create an environment […]