YOU Just Have NO Idea . . .

When someone’s acting crazy and irrational, most of us are quick to judge. “What a JERK!” “She is just CRAZY!” “Why is he being SO unreasonable?” “What is WRONG with that IDIOT?” Here’s the deal – Before you judge – Consider this: Every one of us has our own story. We all have highs and […]


Turn on a dime! 180 degree pivot In the military, we could (with this 2 word command) orchestrate a complete simultaneous change of direction of 1 soldier – or a couple hundred – or a couple thousand INSTANTANEOUSLY. We call politicians “Flip-Floppers” when they say one thing yesterday or last week or last month or […]

Judging Books by their Covers

We had Lunch in a very busy (Touristy) restaurant here in Nashville this past weekend and had a lot of fun with our server. We liked her. The first words out of her mouth were: “Hi! Where ya from?” We said: “Here – Nashville” but perhaps we should say we are from somewhere else. Debbie, […]

Learning from the Janitor

As we were driving to my daughter’s school yesterday morn, we passed Stokes Elementary . . . Jessica said: “Why would JANITORS need TRAINING?” There’s a bit of a “back Story” here. Stokes is a GRAND OLD building that was an elementary school for YEARS. My guess is that Metro Schools “decommissioned” it as a […]

Monday Morning Coffee – HOPE

Easter Sunday mass was PACKED at our church (and I imagine also at most other churches). Religious holidays tend to bring worshipers into the church who practice “Holiday Attendance” instead of weekly. This, in no way, implies some are “more worthy’ than others . . . It just is the 80/20 Principle 🙂 I judge […]