Internet traffic to Real Estate Related Websites SPIKE 15% in March . . .

Who’s getting the LEADS? Did YOU notice the increase in internet traffic? Did your flow of internet leads increase 15% in March? The big players (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) are reporting marked increases in internet traffic in March and interpolate this spike as a prophesy for a ROBUST SPRING market. Are Home Buyers and Sellers […]

Thriving in a Raplex environment of CHANGE! How long can you afford to be WRONG?

The brew has been spoilt! “It took me about five minutes to change my mind, after eighteen months of being wrong. I still remember how it felt to feel that flip switch in my head.” See the rest of the POst by Seth Godin here:¬†What does it sound like when you change your mind? This […]

Your Home Search – Is the Internet helpful? (or NOT?)

So . . . You’re thinking about buying or selling a house . . . Where do you start with the process? Conventional wisdom says that the path of least resistance is to work with a REALTOR – a LOCAL Real Estate Professional you know and TRUST. But what if you don’t know any REALTORS? […]

IDX – Syndication – The Internet Lead Flow Squabble

How often do you get a call from a random out of area telephone number (or “Unknown Number”) and immediately get hit with the question: “Are you accepting new clients?” “Would you like 10 great leads every month?” “Is your internet marketing bringing you all the leads you want?” Followed by a very smooth and […]