It’s going to be up to US to create the Fall market

Some folks claim the passing of Labor Day marks the beginning of the Fall Real Estate Market. I think that stems (locally) from the fact that most grade schools have historically commenced classes on the first Tuesday of September . . . Somehow, the school systems have been inching their way towards a “Year-round” calendar, […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Not Crying Wolf This Time . . .

Yes! I know I’m writing this post at 3:00 PM which hardly qualifies as “Monday Morning” except for exceptionally late sleepers . . . but at least it IS still Monday 🙂 For the past several years, my colleagues (and sometimes I) have been singing from the hilltops about the importance of BUYING and/or SELLING […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Cost of living

WHEW! seems like everything is EXPENSIVE these days. Do you think things will get less expensive or more expensive in the coming months/years? I’m betting on MORE expensive. Here we are at what many folks are calling the “the bottom” of the recession. Reports are that home ownership affordability is at a very appealing level […]

Don’t let the heat slow you down . . .

The first thing I saw on facebook this morning was a post saying Friday’s weather report calls for 107 Degrees in Nashville . . . Next post said “107” . . . WOW! That’s HOT! Don’t let the heat keep you down. Yesterday, I actually heard someone say: “It’s too hot to go to the […]

Insider sources reveal plan to hike Mortgage interest Rates

Recent leaks among authorities at the Federal Level have been initially ignored but are now appearing to have some truth. The first indication was simply that: “Mortgage Interest Rates” will be pushed UP very suddenly on a pre-announced date as much 6% bringing the rates into double digits.” This alarming news was initially ignored as […]