Lawn Care – Selling your house

Other than aggressive pricing, possibly the next key to selling a house quickly is lawn care. I know! Y’all have a LOT to say about staging and professionals photography and REALTOR fliers and brochure boxes and Internet marketing and Just Listed Poastcards etc etc etc . . . and may think I am inflating the […]

Preparing your House for the Market Begins with CLEAN!

“Staging” is all the rage these days when it comes to preparing a house for selling. In fact, there’s an entire industry built around staging houses. Trained Professional Stagers are VERY good at “dressing up pigs” to help them sell – and making beautiful houses more appealing. Statistically speaking, a house that’s been professionally staged […]

The least you could do is put a little lipstick on that pig

The house appeared to be relatively nice as we drove into the driveway. The landscaping was reasonably trimmed and neat . . . There were no hints from the curb as to the horrors that awaited us beyond the front door. Just as I popped the key out of the lock-bock, my client commented that […]

The “All Home Sellers Are Desperate” Syndrome . . .

Surely anyone who has decided to sell a house in this economy MUST be doing so in sheer DESPERATION! What rational being could even POSSIBLY think that a house could sell quickly for “enough” money these days? After all . . . Doesn’t EVERYONE know that the statistics for home sales are in the crapper […]

When a house is properly prepared for the market . . .

I’ve had loads of FUN this week because I stumbled upon 2 of the BEST clients EVER. These days, we REALTORS know that in order to sell a house in this market, we must have as close to “perfect” as we can get with respect to condition and pricing. To position ourselves in the market […]