REALTORS really DO Earn their Pay!

Just in case you have any doubt . . . We REALTORS sincerely hope that EVERY new client “tells the truth” in entirety at the beginning of the relationship. The more we know up front, the more efficient and pleasant can we deliver a smooth process leading to smiles all around the closing table. While […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Asking all the right questions

There’s no such thing as a stupid question! Those who ask lots of questions tend to reach deeper understanding of the issues/topics at hand. Of course in our school days, most of the class would roll eyeballs and fidget while just 1 or 2 students would ask questions. With every question asked, there would always […]

geographical incompetency is curable

Real estate is a LOCAL business! LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION If you ain’t from around here, what do you REALLY know about this market? Are you aware that the houses to east of Main Street trend 15% higher in Market Value than the houses West of Main Street – Even when they’re not much more than […]

Does it enhance or distract?

Confession – I know that Evernote could be instrumental in simplifying many things in my everyday life . . . BUT am having difficultly adding it to my rhythm. I’m currently using Google Drive (and Gmail Contacts) to do most of the functions I imagine that Evernote would help me do. I wonder if shifting […]

Monday Morning Coffee – We’ve Only Just Begun

Sharing Horizons that are new to us . . . I was thinking about all of the change happening in Nashville after hearing SO many people buzzing about it. It seems that a BIG, NEW project starts popping out of the ground every day . . . or we hear about a huge imminent change, […]