“I know it’s probably not the best to be thinking about selling my house, but . . . “

WAIT! WHAT? Who is this person who dictates the “Bad time to be selling a house” and defines the “Good Time?” Who is this “know-it-all” person who is SO enlightened as to your personal situation, your house’s value, the state of the local real estate market, the future economic environment (which would  – I guess […]

Monday Morning Coffee – When Conflict Arises

Most folks don’t enjoy conflict. Those who appear to thrive on it, (I think) are magicians practicing “slight of emotion” tricks on themselves and others . . . while those who ostensibly don’t like conflict practice evasion tactics . . . even to the extent that they may be willing to walk away from a […]

Tenant Representation – a Phoenix Rising as the Real Estate Market evolves in Middle TN

The Nashville TN real estate market has a conspicuous shortage of properties for rent/lease . . . and an oversupply of folks in need of a rental. This is a phenomenon that is giving rise to the creation of a market that’s (until recently) been flying under the radar . . . almost non-existent. A […]