Ask me anything – I know Everything

The first time I brought a friend to visit my Father, the first words out of Dad’s mouth were: “Ask me anything – I know EVERYTHING.” Everyone in the family rolled eyeballs and left the scene, so my friend could receive the full “treatment”. Of course, Dad was right . . . He’s always right! […]

Who is at fault?

I think it’s time for a LYNCHING! Who’s with me? We’ll have a meeting and conspire to unite, build a case, and DESTROY this heathen. Yep! Get your guns and torches! Let’s get this witch hunt under way. If we’re loud and obnoxious enough, we might even get to be on TV. Seriously! That thing […]

T minus 4 and Counting down

Are you thinking about doing something radically different in 2016? Here we are 4 days from the the New Year, and I’m putting the screws to noodling around my successes and failures in 2015 . . . and imagining how things might/can be different in 2016. What I’m learning about myself and my trajectory is […]

Passion, Responsibility, and the Invitation

Today is my Father Harrison Owen‘s 80th Birthday! Many people all around the globe are celebrating Dad’s Birthday in an all day video “conference” . . . and are also celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the emergence of Open Space Technology as a much needed alternative to “Organizational Development” . . . Oft coined as […]

Time . . . and Money – Monday Morning Coffee

Both Time and Money are valuable! Both Time and Money are available. Both Time and money are scarce although the more philosophical amongst us might argue that time is infinite. This human experience we share is often defined by how we “manage” ourselves with respect to time and money. The cliche “We all have the […]