Taking it slow and easy

FAST and FURIOUS doesn’t always make you a star. Myriad Businesses, Movie Stars, and Musicians have popped on the National and International fame and fortune radar only to become a flash in the pan. Some folks call these “One Hit Wonders” and then they fade into the background and people wonder . . . why? […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Turning the page

The last day of 2012 is here. Many (most) people will talk of “New Year Resolutions” tonight . . . and most of those resolution will fizzle within a few weeks. The gyms and Diet programs will rejoice with the sudden influx of new members. Will a resolution change your life? What radical difference do […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Finding FLOW after the Holidays

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve had a fabulous celebration and have 2011 out of your current reality and are bursting into 2012 with enthusiasm and gusto. Today, many people are still on Holiday, although my suspicion is that most folks are ready to find some “normalcy” and routine after a month of revelry and […]