Monday Morning Coffee – There’s potential for happiness everywhere

Even in the worst of circumstances, there are some people who are able to find happiness. Strong Spirits find humor and entertainment everywhere all the time. These folks are a rare (and very important) breed because they often serve as the buoy for others. While “everyone else” spirals into the abyss of defeat, these optimistic […]

Advice to those who hate their jobs . . .

QUIT! Yep! If you hate your job, the best thing you can do for yourself (and the people you are “serving”) is to go AWAY. Odds are decent, your absence will improve the ambiance of your current place of employment. You might say: “But I can’t find a job doing something that I like to […]

Learning from the Janitor

As we were driving to my daughter’s school yesterday morn, we passed Stokes Elementary . . . Jessica said: “Why would JANITORS need TRAINING?” There’s a bit of a “back Story” here. Stokes is a GRAND OLD building that was an elementary school for YEARS. My guess is that Metro Schools “decommissioned” it as a […]

What I want for Christmas 2011 . . .

As of this writing, there are 5 1/2 shopping days left til Christmas 2011. Just in case you haven’t bought a gift for me yet, I thought I would send you a wish list: I want MORE: Quality time with Family & Friends VACATIONS (Self explanatory) Fresh air Love Exercise Healthy food Happiness for EVERYONE […]