Focus Options Models Systems and Accountability

Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS! In My Facebook Live “Drive Time” broadcast this morning I talked about this . . . In everything you do, are you always on a personal quest to do it better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively than before? I’ll BOLDLY state the you had better be of this […]

One sure-fire way to fail in Real Estate Sales is . . .

Lack of FOCUS! Many folks can likely stop reading this post after seeing those 3 words (Lack of FOCUS). They’ll nod their heads and cringe as they acknowledge they’re “Guilty as charged.” Others will practice resolute denial and might even say out loud: “Oh! THIS one doesn’t apply to ME!” Here’s a brief test: Group […]

A sure-fire way to GUARANTEE that something you DON’T want to happen, DOES!

My daughter Allison was sitting in seat #1, and it was time to draw straws to find who she would draw as a partner on the next class project. There was one student she did NOT want to be her partner (Let’s call him “Bob”). She was to be the FIRST student to draw which […]

Are YOU #1?

REALLY? My friend¬†Joe Calloway¬†(“performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better,” Business Author and Speaker) wrote a post a couple of days ago that continues to swirl in my head. Check it out here: A dangerous assumption you may be making. The wisdom Joe imparts is multidimensional, but I take away the […]

Solving the “E to P” enigma to create HUGE Success!

“They” say it can’t be done! Taming a true Entrepreneur is an impossibility. Michael Gerber tackled this issue head on with his E Myth Books, and myriad coaches, trainers, consultants, and business gurus have been noodling on it for as long as these free Spirited and completely irresponsible geniuses have been innovating . . . […]