Trust . . . but VERIFY!

We REALTORS have MANY “opportunities” to inadvertently mislead, omit, err, goof, or fail to honestly disclose as we list and sell real property. Our clients rely on US to tell the truth and to advise them from a position of KNOWLEDGE so they can act upon their decisions with confidence. Unfortunately, not all “Professionals” have […]

Don’t Forget Whom You Represent!

When a Professional agrees to work with a client, that professional owes the client a whole passel of “Duties” over and above the prevailing Legal Requirements of lesser levels of service. In Tennessee, a Real Estate Sales licensee does not “Represent” a home Buyer or seller unless there is a WRITTEN Buyer Representation (Agency) Agreement. […]

If it ain’t in writing, it ain’t!

Kinda the reverse of: “I see therefore I am” In the world of contracts and large transactions, the written document is the glue that holds things together and keeps people honest. Without the agreement being in writing, there’s no leverage. Any party could play fast and loose with the “rules” and excuse themselves for their […]

HEY! That’s MY Client!

Oh! The low inventory housing market is creating a beast . . . This beast is not always recognizable at first glance – A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, (sadly) this beast looks, talks, and acts like most of us real estate sales professionals, but has a deep and dark ulterior motive . . . […]

A Professionalism Litmus Test

As I journey along in my practice as Real Estate Sales Professional, I learn more from my colleagues in our day-to-day interactions and negotiations than any other resource. For sure, every human is a valuable RESOURCE in his/her chosen field of expertise. This is not just about Learned Knowledge because I know that most humans […]