Don’t be such a MEANIE!

WARNING! Some of the observations below are DISTURBING, GRAPHIC, and not appropriate for the faint of heart. Proceed with CAUTION! The GOOD NEWS is that they describe a VERY SMALL percentage of the Real Estate Sales Professionals. Let’s just call these heathens “The Toxic Few 2%” who (in alignment with the Pareto Principle – Twisted […]

But EVERYONE Else Does it!~

I had an opportunity today to remind another REALTOR that we Real Estate Sales Professionals practice some seldom spoken but widely known rules of etiquette. “Everyone Else Does It!” doesn’t fly as an excuse for a 10 year old any more than it does for we adults 🙂 Etiquette is not always the same as […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Playing to the Level of the Competition

I see it play out on sports fields, in business, and in interpersonal interactions . . . A tendency for teams and people to play up (More aggressive and effective) when playing against a team of the same or better caliber . . . and play down (Less aggressive and effective) when playing a team […]