Walking the talk and practicing what we preach . . .

OK Folks! It’s time for some good ol’fashioned preachin’ to the choir. Let’s get as real as we can get WRT being authentic in everything we say and do. If you are reading this blog post, I’m going to make the assumption that you are a Leader who is interested in improving your life and […]

Working IN your Business on Purpose

Keeping busy in no way guarantees meaningful results. How often do you feel like you spend most of your working hours busying yourself with non-essential minutia? This is the last week of October which triggers a “Wake Up Call” that it’s time for a STRONG SPRINT to the FINISH of 2016. The Vital Few members […]

There are always 3 things

You – Me – Us What – Where – When Father – Son – Holy Spirit People – Systems – Tools Location – Location – Location Whenever you’re making a plan, start with no fewer nor more than 3 critical components. If you’ve got 2 and can’t think of the 3rd . . . keep […]

Essential Stretching – Monday Morning Coffee

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I failed to post “Monday Morning Coffee” for a few months. Life came at me FAST, and I was the veritable Hamster on the wheel of raplexity. Yep! It seemed the faster I went, the behinder I got . . . I was “too busy” for too long, and I wondered […]


Makin’ me wait! I received word yesterday that I have been accepted into the next EO Catalyst course. Led by Michael Burcham “Nashville’s thought leader in entrepreneurship”, this course is akin to an MBA for Entrepreneurs and has a great track record for being a Catalyst for participants to take their lives and businesses to […]