Looking beyond the initial question

Coming from curiosity is a gift to everyone. When we’re wearing our business hat, how often do we go beyond the initial dialog? Is it always an exchange of information or a negotiation, or can it also include some level of warmer connection? The most effective conversations begin with some form of FORD – (Family, […]

A few conclusions your tantrum might elicit for me

The Buyer has made an offer, and we’re all excited about working out the details. The negotiation commences, and we Real Estate Sales Professionals do our best to advise and advocate for the best interests of our respective clients. Things might not go per the plan. Of course, we ALL want the negotiation to be […]

Without the emoticon, it’s just plain MEAN!

I’m an old fart who “gets” a lot of things about social media but never really understood the importance of emoticons until Easter Brunch with the family last week. This morning, Debbie suggested I write a blog post addressing my Epiphany about emoticons that came after a series of eye-openers. It all began when the […]

Crank up the Volume – I can’t hear you!

Appropriate Volume is Important for Optimal Connectivity! Can you Hear now? Can you hear me NOW? * Can you hear me NOW? (My usual Font) Can you hear me NOW? Can you hear me NOW? Can you Hear me NOW? Can you Hear me NOW? This is reminiscent of what I consider to be BRILLIANT […]