“Live Fire Exercise”

Military Troops train incessantly. They practice practice practice . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . .¬†Assemble – Disassemble . . .¬†Assemble – Disassemble . . . and they DRILL Constantly. Mostly it’s about creating and affirming the value of discipline and coordination. The goal is to make “2nd Nature” every action required to survive […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Right Time to . . .

“Potential” is ALWAYS sitting on the sidelines eagerly awaiting that call to show itself. Whether it be the potential performance of an athlete . . . or potential success of a Business . . . or potential derived from new relationships . . . or potential for every person on this planet to accomplish great […]

Why “Discipline” might be JUST what you need to “Break through” to success

If you read this to the bottom (no skipping ahead allowed), you’re going to learn one very mechanically simple (but potentially mentally complex) little way to BLOW THE DOORS off your ability to perform at a higher level than you can possibly imagine . . . and it all boils down to your understanding of […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Learning routine and Self-Discipline!

I begin with the disclaimer (given) that you have some level of interest in becoming more efficient with your resources (Time, Energy, Money, relationships, etc). I know that I am always focused on finding better ways to be more effective with less effort. Why? Because someone is ALWAYS moving the cheese. Just when we think […]

Discipline and Preparation (or lack thereof) Can Make You (or Break You)!

Ever heard the sayings: All hat, no cattle? All talk, no Action? As tough as this may sound, I believe that if you’re not going to bring your BEST, don’t show up! What’s your best? Well . ¬†. . What’s your core purpose? Why are you doing what you do? When you do it, what […]