The Significance of Karma and Mojo in EVERY Real Estate Sale!

“There’s no such thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole!” When I was in any ” Theater of Operations” in the Army, this is a saying I heard virtually every time I and my fellow soldiers were facing dangerous circumstances. If nothing else, it was justification (as if it were necessary) for prayer . . […]

Name the Unknown – Then Deal with it!

Some folks call it “the Elephant in the room” I have some Canadian friends who call it: “The Dead Moose under the table” “It” is that thing that everyone knows is there, but no-one wants to name and deal with it. More often than not “IT” is simply an unknown. In just about any transaction, […]

Are you still listening?

Pandora Radio asked me: “Are you still listening?” We pay for each song we play, so we try not to play to an empty room” Don’t we ALL “pay for each song we play?” Whether it be the telling of a story, a simple conversation, a performance, a job we’re doing, a blog we’re writing […]

“Spirit” – The Statistical study spoiler

There’s often a very large dead moose under the table at which Folks in the world of “academia” and Folks in the “Real World” sit. The root of the problem is that identifying “Cause and effect” for much of what happens (Good and/or Bad) can be very elusive. The academics want to know WHY. They […]