The REAL value in blogging

Not all bloggers blog for the same reasons. Some “Bloggers” don’t blog at all . . . their site publishes posts written by “Ghost Writers” who carefully craft each word/sentence/paragraph of every post with “Content rich” words, phrases, structure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their never ending ending quest to show up on the […]

The Best Defense is a Good Offense – and Vice-versa

“We’re going to use our Defense in our Offensive strategy.” Yesterday, our soccer team (6th grade girls) had 2 back-to-back games. The first game was TOUGH because the other team had 3 BIG, MATURE players who we figured were older 6th graders who had already had their growth spurt. We lost that game because of […]

Creating Space for Organizational Growth

Liz Wiseman – Author of Multipliers – How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter was the speaker at Wednesday morning’s ELN (Executive Leadership Network) Breakfast Meeting at THE CENTER FOR EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AT BELMONT UNIVERSITY! I learned a lot and met some fascinating, smart, successful people (who all made me feel smarter) . . . and came […]

8 Unique Scores – the Mark of a Great Team

Success leaves clues. In the game of soccer, the score at the end of the game seldom reflects what REALLY happened on the field. Many games end with very few (if any) points on the board even though one team may have played astronomically better than the other. A term often spoken is simply: “Unlucky!” A […]