Your Assistant is VERY nice, BUT . . .

I want to present my offer to YOU! I know this would be a huge inconvenience for you because you ARE such a BUSY agent, and your time is so very precious and guarded. I would have called you directly, but it seems that you don’t share your personal cell number with anyone, so the […]

Dear John . . .

We’ve been together through tough times and have had our ups and our downs. We have laughed and played and argued and WORKED so hard to reach that goal we set at the beginning of our relationship. Sadly, I feel I have let you down. I’m not as much in love with you now as […]

Don’t Assume – It makes an A__ out of U and ME!

The “problem” with most unappreciated professionals is their failure to brag on themselves. Failure to communicate your process in the beginning to your customer/client is heresy to those who seek excellence. It doesn’t matter how good and thorough and diligent you are in your work if you fail to enlighten those you serve with all […]

Failure to Launch due to Failure to Communicate

In most real estate transactions . . . and most business transactions . . . and most relationships (Biz AND Personal) . . . Failure to LAUNCH (Succeed – Meet the goal or objective) happens because of: FAILURE TO COMUNICATE DON’T DO THIS! It’s just plain SILLY. There’s enough raplexity (Rapid Complexity) in our world […]

“Can you Hear me NOW?”

You’re Invited Effective Communication (a Mastermind Session) Wednesday May 16 @ 10 AM Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade – 4328 Harding Rd Please RSVP by reply email Verizon made a HUGE impression with this phrase: “Can You Hear Me NOW?” As their little nerd with a cell phone roamed the country pushing the limits with their […]