When’s the BEST time to put your house on the market?

Answer the following questions . . . Then decide “NOW” or “LATER” Why do you ask? Are you thinking about making a move? What’s going on in your life that compels you to pull up your roots and transplant yourself and your family to another house? Do you HAVE to move? Is it about MONEY, […]

Taking Responsibility – Fueled by PASSION

What do you REALLY care about? Who ARE you? When you “Take a Stand”, who’s standing there with you? At your core, what’s your PURPOSE? When you die, who’s coming to your funeral and what will they (and your epitaph) say? All of the above begs you to recognize your personal PASSION . . . […]

Your RSVP is your PROMISE!

I think there are a lot of people out there who have no clue what “RSVP” means and therefore don’t know what to do with it when they see it (kinda like going to a fancy restaurant and not knowing what to do with all of those strange looking forks and spoons). or Perhaps, there are people […]

An effective customer repellant

I just ran into an amazingly effective “New Customer Repellant” and feel compelled to share. Don’t let this be you! I clicked through to a “Bio” for a “Professional’ I was considering hiring for some marketing work and found the following quote: “I am not interested in pursuing (This Marketing) as a full time career. I have […]

Full Throttle!

When flying, odds are good that you want the pilot to be 100% committed and FULL THROTTLE down the runway . . . Just to be sure the plane gets off the ground. You’re also fully invested in that pilot staying focused and aware throughout the flight . . . and as committed as ever […]