You Raised your Hand

Are you ALL IN? Opportunity knocks, and we answer the door. We say: “YES!” with GREAT enthusiasm, and we dive into this new adventure. Whether it be a new client or business opportunity or networking event or educational pursuit, our engagement only starts at that moment we say: “YES!” From that point forward, I believe […]

The Demise of the RSVP

What is the value of an RSVP? First a definition: “RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person or people. It is an initialism derived from the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “please respond.” So . . . You’ve invited a group of people, and you are asking them to “RSVP” […]

Unfriend As The Demise of Commitment

“Commitment Issues” complicate. Folks who are not willing to commit are considered to be “Wishy Washy” – Flakey – Unreliable – Unpredictable . . . Unwilling to take responsibility. In fact, it might be said that without a measure of commitment, you stand for . . . NOTHING! Facebook’s a fun place to hang out. […]

A Professionalism Litmus Test

As I journey along in my practice as Real Estate Sales Professional, I learn more from my colleagues in our day-to-day interactions and negotiations than any other resource. For sure, every human is a valuable RESOURCE in his/her chosen field of expertise. This is not just about Learned Knowledge because I know that most humans […]

Knowing when to hold’m (say YES) and when to fold’m (say NO)

Figure this one out, and you’ll have one of the golden keys to liberating yourself and others. Both “YES” and “NO” are very powerful words which, if used appropriately, are the main instruments of choice. When you say “Yes,” to what are you saying “NO?” Same with “No” – When you say it, what’s the […]