Playing fast and loose with agency

When a REALTOR establishes an Exclusive Agency relationship with a client IN WRITING, it’s a marriage. Let me explain . . . That relationship is important because the REALTOR’s responsibility is to protect the interests and negotiate on behalf of ┬áthe client. The client’s responsibility is to be loyal to the REALTOR throughout the transaction […]

Don’t be such a MEANIE!

WARNING! Some of the observations below are DISTURBING, GRAPHIC, and not appropriate for the faint of heart. Proceed with CAUTION! The GOOD NEWS is that they describe a VERY SMALL percentage of the Real Estate Sales Professionals. Let’s just call these heathens “The Toxic Few 2%” who (in alignment with the Pareto Principle – Twisted […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Doing the Right Thing

“Keeping it Legal and Ethical” is only a start. In every professional discipline, there are Legal boundaries over which we must not cross lest we find ourselves in front of a judge or answering to fall-out from government “oversight organizations” such as the IRS, (in my field) The Tennessee Real Estate Commission, and Local, State, […]