Posturing for success

The first symptom was an audible “SNAP” and twinge of paralyzing pain in the left side of my neck as I was rinsing my hair in the shower. What followed was an unpleasant several months of a variety quirky symptoms . . . Shooting pains down my left arm, continued discomfort in my neck, and […]


The semantics are fluid . . . Ask any gaggle of ┬ápeople whose profession is “in sales” what they do for a living, and you’ll hear a veritable smorgasbord of responses. So which is it? In my industry, I tend to use the blanket term “Real Estate Sales Professional” which I think is plenty descriptive […]

Why mastery of the fundamentals is so essential

Today, our Basketball Coach (Famous Marmolejo) had a work related conflict and couldn’t be present for our 1st game. He asked me if I could coach the game. My first thought was sheer panic because I really had not paid close attention to his plays and strategies during the practices and had a high level […]

Your Daily TOP TEN (A Wealth Building Strategy)

Everyone wants that secret to getting RICH! Bajillions of dollars are generated every year by smart people (Like Trump and Buffet and other well known business coaches) who have bottled their Business and Wealth Building strategies into “Coaching Programs” which you can buy off the shelf or hire them to hold you accountable as your […]

Practicing the fine art of doing what NO-ONE else is doing!

Innovators take a LOT of risk. They adapt to new technologies before anyone else . . . try new techniques . . . introduce wildly unique products and services . . . and often do all of tthese things in a “zero Basis” environment. “Zero Basis” simply means that there’s no quantifiable measure or proof […]