What’s Left to the Imagination?

Preparing a house for the market is an art form. The delicate balance is finding that look and feel of beauty and usefulness of the space all the while leaving enough to the imagination of the prospective Buyer that intrigue and excitement ensue. If there’s too much “DONE,” the Buyer may have difficulty visioning the […]

3 Hour Tour is the limit of Civility

Gilligan and his friends went on a 3 hour tour that turned into quite a long adventure on a remote island which was a veritable Psychological petrie dish. That group of people had no choice but to co-exist and deal with each other “Warts and ALL” for what they must have believed to be an […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Allow the Professional to Serve you

I’m sure that EVERY doctor has MANY stories of patients coming to see them having already diagnosed their ailment and determined their own prognosis and course of treatment. The only problem is . . . The patient is not licensed to write the drug prescriptions, or they’d likely by-pass the doctor altogether. The Internet serves […]

Buyer says: “I think I’ll wait til Spring.”

REALLY? OK – So I’m going to spew out some stream of consciousness thinking along the line of reasons NOT to wait til Spring in our Middle Tennessee market. Don’t expect any statistical data supporting my monologue . . . This is all “crystal ball” Inventory is starting to shrink in many areas . . […]