About your fear that the market will fall again!

Don’t think those thoughts! If what many folks say about “That upon which you focus , EXPANDS” is true . . . and you are obsessed with this mortal fear that this busy market we are experiencing will tumble soon and leave us all floundering just as before (2007-2008) . . . Then if it […]

New toys – Good for business? (or distractions?)

Don’t you LOVE getting new toys? (I’m speaking of new “Productivity Toys” for the office) The long anticipated box shows up at the front door, and like a kid on Christmas morning, you rip into the box and pull everything out and start plugging it all in so you can PLAY with it. This eagerness […]


I took a break – 3 days without writing a blog post. It’s not that I was shunning/abdicating my responsibility, I just didn’t have the mojo and thought that if I took a little “nap” I might recharge the batteries enough to put out some good content. and so I napped . . . for […]

Market Environment

Paying attention to your Market Environment can make you or break you. We all know that successful business people pay close attention to their numbers. We all look for trends in our sales. We analyze our marketing efforts and “source” our new business as accurately as possible. We want to be sure that we are […]

Organized enough to handle a high volume of business?

Believe it or not, one of most prohibitive barriers inhibiting the average person from being productive at a high level is ORGANIZATION (lack thereof). Most folks in sales have the ability, agility, capacity, skill set to generate more than “enough” leads to fill their business pipeline, but when it comes to the follow-up and servicing […]