The Strategist Differentiation

This is a bow to intentional living. A while back . . . in my younger days . . . I was in a very unhealthy cycle of life. I only had 2 speeds . . . Full-tilt and near-death. Working 80+ hour weeks and partying like a rock star . . . It was […]


When are you MOST effective? You know those moments when everything seems to be clicking perfectly in this magical flow that leads to the most tremendous results? It’s times like these when we say: “Time flies when ¬†you’re having fun!” because, in a seeming blink of an eye, stuff happens that WOWs the audience. Some […]

The Final Countdown – Monday Morning Coffee!

Are you feeling the heat? As we slide into the 2nd week of December, we are suddenly realizing that we have a mere 24 days remaining in 2015. Odds are decent that most of us are focused on “Finishing” what we started 341 days ago. We’re assessing how we did, and we’re thinking about how […]