Macroeconomics in plain English

The on-line Business Dictionary says: “business cycle The somewhat irregular but recurring periods of change in economic activity over time. A business cycle is generally divided into four stages: expansion, prosperity, contraction, and recession. The stage in which an economy operates has a significant impact on a firm’s profitability and prospects. This impact is especially […]

The value of owning a house . . .

These days, the house and condominium rental market in Middle TN is “on fire.” I’m amazed daily when I see the number of people choosing to rent (and how much they are willing pay) instead of doing what it takes to BUY their very own place. My view is that while we’re all here now […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Who’s buying houses these days?

Not a day passes when someone doesn’t stop me and ask: “How’s the Real Estate Market?” I answer: “STEADY and STRONG!” Because I know there are really TWO real Estate Markets co-existing side-by-side . . . The VISIBLE market which tends to be full of all of the drama of the day (Doom & Gloom) […]

Know what you’re signing . . .

I’m always amazed at the number of people who sign lengthy documents without complete understanding. Isn’t it worth a PAUSE to ask questions and know a little more about the specific commitment? What does it mean? What could go wrong? Does it REALLY say what you think it says? What happens if it doesn’t . . […]

When great minds come together . . .

Good Morning! Hoping you had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend and are now ready to get back to work as we slide into HOT summer. The past week has been a week of “unfortunate” media reporting which seems to be continuing to sing “Doom and Gloom” with respect to the real estate market. Please remind […]