The ride to the top is powered

Going down is more of a controlled fall. It is true that when we are “in our element” and what we are doing is in alignment with our core passion, we feel lifted up. When we follow our heart, we climb until we LAUNCH! Yes . . . most of us don’t slip effortlessly into […]

Realization of your potential boils down to this.

YOU have unbelievable potential to succeed at a very high level. WARNING! Reading this post may lead to an unexpected set of ramifications. Proceed with an open mind! Don’t buy into the “Get Rich Quickly” schemes that promise a fast track to the TOP. There’s no such thing as “Money for nothing” . . . […]

Who defines you?

Are your relationships prescriptive or descriptive of who you are? Many say we are defined by the 5 people closest to us. So . . . If we don’t like who we have become and are feeling less than authentic, do we first, then, take a close look at our “friends”? What’s this say about […]