Patience – Hype – Bubble – Conspiracy Theory?

Patience > Hype‚Ķ. My friend and client Nick is a GENIUS! We were talking about today’s Real Estate market here in Middle Tennessee. We burst into 2014 with record numbers of sales, and many areas of town have been “Blessed” with rapidly increasing prices. With the inventory being all but gone, the sales have slowed […]

Don’t let the heat slow you down . . .

The first thing I saw on facebook this morning was a post saying Friday’s weather report calls for 107 Degrees in Nashville . . . Next post said “107” . . . WOW! That’s HOT! Don’t let the heat keep you down. Yesterday, I actually heard someone say: “It’s too hot to go to the […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Memorial Day Tribute

“Everyone has a Veteran in their life!” I’m a Veteran who served 12 years and was fortunate not to have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am thankful . . . and because of that I am ever more appreciative of those who have – Some 1.3 MILLION of them who have persevered and […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Power of “Thank You!”

How many times do you hear “Thank You!” each day? How many times do you SAY “Thank You!” each day? When you hear “Thank You!” and/or say “Thank You!” how does it feel? An unexpected, unconditional “Thank You!” goes a LONG way in today’s world. My daughter Allison has perfected the “Thank you!” My estimation […]