Win with Authenticity

Evangelists who “Walk their Talk” attract more followers than others. Educators who have passion for and use their teachings are more believable . . . and have FULL classrooms every semester. Dietitians who are active and healthy tend to have very little need for large marketing budgets. Speakers who speak with passion about their OWN […]

You can’t teach talent

We all know people we consider to have great TALENT! These folks are “Natural Born” phenomena and seem to perform amazing feats effortlessly. I believe EVERYONE has talent . . . yet many fail to optimize this talent as John Maxwell so eloquently describes in this introduction for his book “Talent is Never Enough” When […]

Inviting Success Vs Avoiding Success

Of course, you would be APPALLED if I were to accuse you of having a tendency to AVOID SUCCESS! Well . . . Here it is . . . If you were to “audit” your Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly actions – Your use of the available Time, Energy, and Money and measure what you are […]

Know the true face . . .

I’m reading a fascinating “Advance Review Copy” of a novel written by Steve Kubicek (author of “Up and In“) and am already learning quite a bit about the wisdom of George Washington. This quote jumped off the page at me as one of acute relevance in all of our Personal, Professional, and Spiritual lives. “Know […]

From Resolution to Reality

Seth Godin wrote a thought provoking post this morning (Imagine that). My observation throughout my life is that “Pain avoidance” tends to squelch forward motion. I’m not talking about the kind of pain you feel when you’re ill . . . That’s pain that might be best addressed with a doctor. Seth’s notion is one […]