Your flywheel . . . Did you know you have one? How are you keepin’ it spinning?

The book flavor of the week for me is How the Mighty Fall – and Why some companies Never Give In by Jim Collins. Jim also wrote the (more acclaimed) Good to Great. This is a fun and thought provoking read . . . Ostensibly written to unpack years of research about LARGE companies and […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The “Intel Inside” of Pareto Realty (and “fixing” the Economy)

Good Monday Morn! For anyone who knows me (or has inquired: “Why “Pareto” Realty?“), knows I’m a wonderer (perhaps also wanderer) and perpetual student of the 80:20 Principle. “It’s ALL 80:20!” . . . In virtually EVERYTHING, this principle applies. A disproportionate percentage of the people/Organizations accomplish the lion’s share of the productivity -“The Vital […]

Amping up for a STRONG finish . . .

In about an hour, I’ll be facilitating my weekly “Friday Morning Mastermind” session and am now in my weekly ritual of thinking through how to create that space to serve all participants well 🙂 This week, I put out a promise that some folks would consider to be bogus (undoable) . . . I did […]