Unseen Unheard Tragedy Surrounds Us

As the expiration of the statewide “Stay at home order” will expire April 30 here in Tennessee, I sense some excitement from lots of folks with expectations that things will now shift significantly upon the dawning of May 1.I know this is not reality, and I believe there are many people who will remain in […]

Where is #NashvilleStrong?

The bootstrapper creates value Seth Godin‘s timing for this message is SPOT ON! “One of the most powerful things you can do is build a useful business. An enterprise of value, doing work of substance, filling a need and finding independence.” And to do it without raising money from a bank or waiting in line […]

Your invitation to join the Middle TN Real Estate “skunkworks”

Call me crazy, but I think NOW is the PERFECT time to begin the oh-so-important of imagining how we Realtors can exemplify the “Phoenix Rising” of our Real Estate Market post-covid. I believe that we can manifest just about anything we can imagine and that WE hold the cards . . . We have fantastic […]

Perpetual Uncertain Times

I’ve noticed that “Uncertain Times” is the preferred media title for this pickle we’re in. It’s almost as if there’s something different going on. My observation of the world during my lifetime has always been best described as “Uncertain Times”. While studying the variety of “origin stories” while in School, it seems that ALL times […]