Pareto Realty is here now . . .  In Nashville.

This isn’t just any ole new Real Estate Company . . .

Pareto Realty is the manifestation of a very clear vision.

Home for “The Vital Few” . . .

Our name origin comes from Vilfredo Pareto who derived the 20/80 Principle in the early 1900s . . . We are most interested in being the 20% (vital few) who produce the 80%.

Fueled by pure passion for creating the quintessential firm for Real Estate Professionals whose goals include personal and professional PERFORMANCE at a high level.

We are bringing together a tasty blend of high technology, sophisticated marketing, Performance oriented training and consulting, and superior (FUN) office environment . . . all the while never taking our eyes off the fundamental balance of “Live, Work, & Play”

We’re excited and ready to get this baby ROLLING!

We are NOT a “Recruiting Based” Real Estate Office model . . .  We know that our model will not fit every REALTOR out there.

We feel we can most positively affect the Local Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market (and economy) by reaching out and inviting you in to our Weekly Guest Vendor Spotlight Lunch & Learn Events, Quarterly “Life Rhythm Workshops”, and our Annual REALTOR full day consortium and Trade show. We will post details of these FREE opportunities on our Facebook Calendar and will periodically send invitations..

I hope you’ll come to some of our educational or mastermind offerings and share and learn with us.

By all means, contact me if you’d like to learn more about Pareto Realty . . . I love to talk about it

Let’s all get back to work now and get this market MOVING!


Pareto Realty is currently (and always will be) under construction . . . Our Firm’s mission is to improve EVERY day.

Barry Owen
Principal Real Estate Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC
The Vital Few

PS – My role at Pareto Realty is Principal Broker and Coach . . . for EVERY one of our associates.

4004 Hillsboro Pike B234
Nashville, TN 37215
Call me: 615-568-2123

Connect with me BarryOwen.US

Simply & BOLDLY Living the FourFold Way in Open Space!

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  1. Hello Barry,
    I would like to introduce myself and my company
    My name is Jamie Wilson ,I represent a company called The Folder Center. We provide full color customized presentation folders for Real Estate offices nationwide.
    I wanted to touch base with you to see if you would like to have custom ,branded folders for you and your agents to provide to your clients. The folders hold all the paperwork your clients accumulate throughout the buying and selling process. They’re also great to hold information for open houses and networking events.
    The best part is…We design ,produce and supply all your folders with artwork at NO cost to you or your office!!
    Please view our website, http://www.thefoldercenter.com and let me know when I can call you to tell you more

    Thank you,

    Jamie Wilson
    Account Manager

    9115 SW Oleson Rd Suite 106
    Portland OR, 97223
    Phone: 503-567-7771
    Fax: 503-882-0608

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