No Boundaries?

Yesterday, Betty visited Owen Hollow where life is VIBRANT with new growth. I had spent the most of the 2 prior days “working my land” – mowing the knee high flowers which grow every year before the grass emerges through the bed of moss. I find this fascinating . . . this choreography of untamed beauty, and the myriad creatures doing what they do to adjust their ways – Hummingbirds have found the new feeder I gifted them (last years feeder fell apart). Every year, I intentionally delay my human interference in this magnificent unfolding of the symphony Mother Nature’s orchestra . . . until I realize that, without boundaries, Nature will consume my fields, my house, my barn . . . and so I go about the business of taming my little slice of heaven to find our Nature/Human rhythm for this new Spring season.

My 3 canines (Betty calls them “Beasts” – more descriptive) have lived their lives in relative confinement indoors with periodic walks, always tethered to a human by a leash. Yesterday, Betty asked a question that seriously endangered this status quo: “Barry, what would happen if you were to let them go and be FREE from their leashes?

Thoughts swirling through my noggin instantly conjured SO many rationalizations for this being not a good idea – the 55,000ish acres beyond the West ridge of Owen – without restraint, would they come back? They could get lost or injured or encounter WILD animals (We occasionally are aware of Bears, Coyotes, Fox, Deer, & etc).

Betty had a follow up question that trumped ALL of my objections to this notion of untethering these Beasts: “Don’t they deserve to RUN and PLAY OUTDOORS?”

Yes – I remember the feeling I had when Allison and Jessica got their drivers licenses and were not dependent upon . . . out of my control.

I let go of the leashes, and off they went – Tony, Thor, and Mama Elsa all raced through the Hollow with unbridled energy – SO HAPPY . . . and when they ran out of steam . . . They returned to where Betty and I were sitting.

Betty said something that shook me: “With such confines of Leashes and crates), they cannot know what boundaries are.”


So . . . How do we remove the leashes AND know that they are safe and within reasonable boundaries?

Training . . . with expanded boundaries – Shock collars are useful for this – teaching them by giving them a (non harmful) jolt when they approach a boundary . . . and so, I will receive 3 of these collars tomorrow, and my pups will go to school for FREEDOM.

Yep . . . not much different than toddlers – teenagers – adults . . . remove the leashes and set clear boundaries, and quit being a control freak 🙂

Everything is moving

Nothing has changed!

Despite our earnest efforts to change things for the better, we often find ourselves returning to our more familiar comfort zones.

We ask provocative questions like: “Why!”

Maybe we choose a different path of curiosity and ask : “Why not?” or: “What if . . . ?”


Must we fix all these things or conditions we perceive to be broken, or shall we open space and let go of our need to control and become witnesses of whatever happens?

Must we always be doing?

How long can you sit with another person(s) without speaking?

Who’s in charge?


why not?

psssst . . . YOU are WAY more powerful than you give yourself credit to be.

We want (and need) you only to be the BEST version of your authentic self whilst here with us.

In my view, that’s enough.

Actually it’s more than enough . . . It’s generous, and we thank you!

Titans vs Bengals

Here we go . . . the speculation runs rampant – DEEP & Prolific

Who will win?

Will the Titans defeat themselves, or will the Bengals hand us an easy win?

Does the 12th man contribute to the win (or loss)?

Derrick Henry – Will he GO . . . or pfffft

I believe we will WIN because the city of Nashville is 100% FOCUSED on winning the SUPERBOWL . . . and we know that what we focus on EXPANDS.


Let’s get ready to get ready, but FIRST . . .

. . . we should learn everything there is to learn about this, shouldn’t we?

After all, our goal is to do this thing exceptionally well the FIRST TIME because we desire efficient expediency with ZERO tolerance for ANY deficiencies, absent any flaws.

We MUST practice, practice, practice (as we were taught in grade school) because we know “practice makes PERFECT,” and we strive for consistently masterful execution.

As we are practicing our fastidious ways, we may not be noticing our colleagues/ coworkers who are also doing this thing, BUT (shamefully) very recklessly. These rebels are making a MESS – doing SO many things WRONG. In fact, they seem to have abandoned the book of instructions altogether. We judge these heathens (as we should), because they are dishonoring this sacred process we are “supposed to be doing”.

As we’re shaking our heads at these wayward souls’ ways, we might notice something poignant . . . While these “cheaters” seem to be DOING (Instead getting ready to do) this thing unapologetically, they are ALREADY taking ACTION and are ALREADY reaping rewards in terms of production. Of course what they’re doing isn’t perfect to spec, but it’s marketable.

AND it seems that each time they (imperfectly) perform this process, the quality of the product improves.

In the Army, we called this OJT (On the job training)

So . . . If you’re wanting tangible results, memorizing the process doesn’t create the product . . . DO more DOING and less getting ready to do.

If the job is Lead Generation (The life-blood of EVERY business), Human to human interaction is the crucial MUST DO. Knowledge doesn’t build relationships . . . COMMUNICATION is the necessary DO!

Let Go!


Let’s GO!


A FLASH of Generosity

When people come together to talk about issues and opportunities which are in common, it’s not uncommon for a spontaneous combustion of generosity to occur.

Passion rises as folks realize the space is safe for collaborative dialogue, and the momentum builds.

Possibilities begin to emerge – like popcorn – as the participants begin to let go of their inhibitions/reservations about daring to trust each other. With each new idea and perspective, the blocks of the walls of hesitancy begin to crumble. Trust builds as we engage more and each of us become more willing to be more transparent and emboldened to push the boundaries.

Every new thought builds the excitement as potential, emergent solutions give rise to a now unstoppable force that transforms into ACTION!

“TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves MORE is not just another cliche”

It’s simply what happens when the right people show at the right time in the right place to explore in-common, BURNING issues.

It’s even more juicy when there’s a diversity of people, perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, experiences AND potential for conflict.

When these conditions converge around important issues, and opportunities are present, UNBELIEVABLE – unfathomable things come to fruition.

A veritable EXPLOSION of generous creativity.


I see this happen EVERY time a group opens space.

Open Space Technology ALWAYS works . . .


Expect to be surprised!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of opening space with 25 very sharp Real Estate Principal Brokers, and guess what?