Your Multiple Personas Confuse us

Who is the REAL you?

Which one are you in this moment?

I sent an important message to a person about an offer I would be presenting.

Some hours passed with no response, so I followed up with a short message:

“Did you receive my message about 123 Main St I sent earlier today?”

Her answer:

“Yes, I received it. But you sent to the wrong email.  Instruction are on the MLS. We will let everyone know tomorrow”

6 hours pass . . . and I receive this message”

URGENT-123 Main St


I check my Sent email . . . and it clearly has the offer attached.

This is when I put on my Investigator hat . . . I was beginning to wonder about myself. Am I losing my mental capacity?

AHA! turns out she has 3 email addresses – The one in MLS, the one on all of her automatically populated forms, and the 3rd had this Title:

Transaction Coordinator, Certified Mentor & Realtor

Hmmm . . . Seems that email address would not deliver an attachment larger than 5 MB . . . so I sent it from one of the other 2 email addresses, and it delivered.


3 personas- each with her own email address, and somehow we (Her Subjects) must magically know which email to use for any given correspondence.

I’ve come the conclusion that this Realtor needs to hire a Transaction Coordinator and a Mentor . . . Or this Transaction Coordinator needs a good Mentor and Realtor . . . or maybe this Mentor needs a great Realtor with a solid Transaction Coordinator.


Most of us have multiple roles.

Don’t intermingle them to the extent that your “peeps” are confused.

Confused people seldom confidently take action.

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